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The Need for Employees in a Laundromat Business

The Need for Employees in a Laundromat Business

One of the best things about going into the laundromat business is that, once operational, your business almost runs itself. Key word: Almost

Whether you plan to be an owner-operator, or hire a few part-or-full-time employees, your laundromat will require some labor hours to run smoothly and efficiently. Let’s take a closer look.

If you’ve ever been to a laundromat, you know that there’s typically one person on duty at any given time. This is especially true if your facility is self-service. But, even if you offer wash-and-fold services, you still may be able to get by with only one person working at a time. 

That person could be you, but many laundromat owners have a full-time job elsewhere, with the laundromat being a side business earning supplemental income. 

Nationally, only about 50 percent of laundromats hire employees. It’s possible to operate with no employees or very limited employee hours, Depending on the hours you set for your business to be open, you may be able to get by with no more than two to three part-time employees.

One way to reduce HR overhead is to install a payment system like ShinePay. There are many benefits to going coinless. It completely eliminates the need for anyone to be there to make change, fix jams in coin boxes, empty coin boxes, count coins and make bank deposits.

ShinePay is an innovative solution that allows customers to pay using an app they’ve downloaded onto their phones. They open the app, scan the QR code on the machine and pay from their phone. It’s easy for them, and easy for you.

With ShinePay Installed on Machines, What Else is There for my Employee to Do?

Great question! The answer is straightforward. CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN! Your customers are at your laundromat to clean their clothes, bedding and towels. They’re not going to patronize your facility a second time, if they find that the washers, dryers, rolling baskets and folding tables are dirty. 

At a minimum, your laundromat should be thoroughly cleaned at least twice a day. This routine includes:

Wiping machine surfaces and folding tables

Mopping the floor

Cleaning machine interiors

Cleaning lint traps

Disposing of trash

Some laundromat owners opt to hire specific individuals or services to come in to do the cleaning. In fact, having a cleaning person or service under contract may eliminate the need for any employees. It’s important, however, to compare the cost of a cleaning service with the cost of employees.

Additionally, your employees should be well-versed in the operation of each of the machines in your laundromat. They should be available to explain the benefits of your machines and to assist customers with selecting the appropriate machine and settings for their wash loads. You likely will be selling detergent, fabric softener and other laundry-related products. If that’s the case, your employee will be handling that sale, too. 

Additionally, laundromats have customers which means they have to offer customer service. Your employees should also be capable of handling customer complaints, including understanding how to refund money in case of machine malfunction. 

With a cashless laundromat, one with machines equipped with ShinePay, refunding money is a snap! No cash transactions required. No cash to handle makes for a safer business environment, too.

When you hire an employee, keep in mind that they become the face of your business. Your goal, and theirs, is to keep your customers coming back.

Is your laundromat located in an area where hiring someone who is bilingual would be important? If so, that would be a reason a potential customer would patronize your laundromat over a competitor’s.

While equipping your machines with the ShinePay cashless payment system will most definitely reduce the number of labor hours needed to operate your laundromat, you may find that hiring an employee or two will help keep your business running even more smoothly. 

There is no right or wrong answer here…. only what works best for you and your business. A well-run business with good customer service is a business headed for success.