A comprehensive guide with everything you need to know to open and run a laundromat
Right Investment: Is the Laundromat Business the Right Investment for Me?

Right Investment: Is the Laundromat Business the Right Investment for Me?

They say nothing is permanent except death and taxes. Well, here’s a third thing people have to deal with – whether they like it or not. We will always need to do laundry.

So, if you’re looking for a sound business opportunity that’s practically recession proof, with minimal investment other than startup costs and monthly overhead, buying or building a laundromat might be a great way to become a business owner! 

Whether you choose to operate the business yourself, or be an absentee owner, laundromats offer tremendous freedom and flexibility, with a steady income stream.

Benefits of Owning a Laundromat:

  • Low labor costs
  • No monthly franchise fees
  • No accounts receivables to collect
  • No inventory to manage
  • No experience or skilled staff required
  • No professional license required

Many laundromats are coin-operated, meaning customers have to have quarters to do their laundry. A cash business – in this case, literally cash boxes filled with coins – are a target for thieves. However, a cashless business ensures a sense of safety for employees and customers. 

It’s easy to turn a coin-operated laundromat into a cashless business with the ShinePay payment system.

Will Owning a Laundromat Be a Full-Time Job?

History has shown that laundromats have been a growth business, while providing excellent depreciation tax benefits. (As we said, like it or not, everyone has to do their laundry!) 

Laundromats can be successfully operated on an absentee basis, with fast down payment ROI. What does that mean? You can still retain your day job and enjoy the profits of your laundromat business, too! Talk about a side hustle!

No special training or licensing is required to own a laundromat. This means if you have the money or ability to obtain financing, there are no barriers between you and laundromat ownership. 

If you’ve got the entrepreneurial spirit, owning a Laundromat (or two) may be the right business opportunity for you. It’s an investment that people from all walks of life and ethnic origins are jumping into because it’s a common sense business with unlimited potential. 

Enjoy the challenge of operating a small business without the grind of eight-hour days. Or allow your laundromat business to make money for you while you continue to pursue your other career goals. A laundromat is a great way for retirees to make money, as well. Be as involved or as hands-off as you like, while collecting monthly income.

Who Will See to the Day-to-Day Operations?

One of the greatest benefits of owning and operating a laundromat is the low cost of labor. Most laundromats can operate successfully with only one paid employee on premises, at any one time. 

With the ShinePay payment system in place, you may eliminate all cash on premise. This makes it safer for employees and customers. No cash on premises makes your laundromat much less of a target for theft. 

What are the Benefits of Using ShinePay in My Laundromat?

Put technology to work for you! ShinePay is the most cost-effective and reliable payment platform for your laundromat. It can be used in conjunction with coin-operated or card-operated machines, or as a stand-alone solution for your business. 

Customers and laundromat owners alike prefer a cashless system — no more scrambling for quarters on laundry day and, for you as the laundromat owner, there is no cash counting and deposits to be made. Just like your clothes at the end of the wash cycle, ShinePay is a clean system that works!